ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket

ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket Review

Kayak fishing can be an exciting and adventurous form of fishing for those of you that enjoy a challenge. However you fish, you need to stay safe and comfortable on the water - the ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket gives you the best of both worlds.

If you are into this sport, you know that you need the right tools to make the process easier and more effective, and one of the essential tools is the life jacket that is worn.

These jackets are lightweight to make maneuvering in the water easy and have storage space to carry the tools you need to make a catch. The kayak fishing life jacket from ONYX is one of the best ones on the market.

ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket

This life vest has a specially designed interior to not only give you the storage you need to fish effectively but helps you stay organized as well with special compartments for the smaller materials that you need.

There are also many other features on the ONYX fishing life jacket that make many customers love and enjoy it, but first, let's talk about what to look for in fishing life vests.


As previously mentioned, one of the most important things to look out for before deciding what life jacket is right for you is how much storage it provides. Depending on your experience level and preferences, you may need an ample amount of room for supplies or not much at all. This should be something that you consider before beginning your search.

The pockets on these types of vests can range from 2 to 5 pockets, providing variety to cater to everyone's needs. Also, consider whether or not you will be able to keep your materials organized inside the vest. You will not want a jacket that won't be able to hold any supplies in place, as you will be moving a lot and will want easy access to your items.


Another feature to consider when on the hunt for a fishing vest is how it is constructed. You will want to ensure that it is made with a material that can withstand long exposure to water and is durable enough to last a long time. Spending more money on higher quality will ensure that you will not have to find a replacement very often.

Also, be sure that it is lightweight. When fly fishing, you can be standing for long periods of time, so you will not need to have any extra weight holding you down. The material that the jacket is made out of should be breathable also so that you will not become overheated in hot weather.

The Product

  • Made with four pocket designs to hold fishing gear
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Back of the vest made with mesh for breathability
  • check
    Six adjustable straps to ensure that you get a perfect fit
  • check
    Drainage to keep the vest dry in between uses
  • check
    U.S. Coast Guard approved

The ONYX company has been providing customers with quality fishing gear for years and has constantly been upgrading their products to ensure that customers satisfaction stays at its peak. They work to make sure that you get high-quality life jackets for a price that everyone can afford and enjoy.


The ONYX kayak fishing life jacket is the way to go if you enjoy kayak fishing. The best thing about his life vest is that it is extremely lightweight but is still capable of keeping you above the water if any accidents occur with its 15 lbs of lift pressure. The standard amount is 7-12 lbs, so it is above average and is coast guard approved.

One of the best features of this life jacket is the number of pockets and the way they are designed. There are four different pocket designs, making it easy to organize the supplies you need for when you set out into the water to fish.

ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket

The pocket on the bottom right acts as a tackle box. It has a button that you can press to drop down the front panel to keep things like scissors and anything on the heavier side that you want to hold in place. There is a chest pocket that zips up to keep in small materials, one standard pocket, and an opening on the chest pocket to slide down and clamp things like pliers.

The back of the vest is made with a mesh material to make the jacket breathable. Fishing is usually done in the hotter seasons, so it is essential that the vest does not weigh you down or trap any heat.

What Others Say

The ONYX kayak fishing life jacket is loved by many of the customers that have purchased it. Some customers have purchased this life jacket just for the extra pockets it provides but does not fish at all. So, if you are only into kayaking and want a lightweight vest with extra storage, this is perfect for you.

Many also enjoy that the life vest comes in a universal size as well as oversized. With the adjustable straps, they can fit anyone without a problem. The only concern that some customers had was the plastic zipper. It has a higher risk of breaking than metal zippers, but the plastic will make the zipper withstand being in the water for a longer amount of time.

Buying Advice

If you are interested in purchasing this product, you will find that it is very affordable compared to other life jackets with the same amount of features and quality. On Amazon, you are able to purchase this life vest for just under $55, which is a great price for the amount of durability this product has.

ONYX Kayak Fishing Life Jacket


The ONYX kayak fishing life jacket is the perfect option for anyone that enjoys fishing and kayaking. It is an affordable price and has all the features you need to make your fishing experience safer and easier to do. Thank you for reading this review, and we hope that it has helped you decide if this jacket is right for you.

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