How To Save A Drowning Swimmer And Get Them To Safety

How To Save A Drowning Swimmer And Get Them To Safety

The water always makes for great fun. It is for this reason that beaches and pools are so beloved. It seems as if most summer vacations are never complete without a trip to the beach or the lake. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, countries in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, feature some of the best beaches.

Pools also demonstrate the popularity of swimming and the joy that it can bring to those who are young and old alike. If you are looking for a summer home, you will often want it to feature a pool so you can get out of the blistering heat and immerse yourself in the cool water, often to poolside tunes.

Drowning in pool.

For all the enjoyment offered by swimming, do not forget that it can be a dangerous activity. There is a reason that most public pools are regularly lined with lifeguards. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, you will find that water can be finicky at times, especially the ocean and sea currents.

It is for this reason that you should always be careful while swimming since your fortune can change in the blink of an eye. Don't let this scare you away from swimming, however, as it is an excellent source of both fun and exercise which is usually very safe, especially in a controlled environment.

It is due to the associated risks, however, that we will take a look at how to save someone from drowning. If you are going to spend time near the water, it helps to be ready for any eventuality instead of looking on hopelessly as someone loses their life.

How To Tell If Someone Is Drowning

The first step in saving a drowning person is to see whether or not they are drowning in the first place. If someone calls out to you for help because they are drowning, it is easy to tell, but this is rarely the case, as drowning people will often not be able to get their mouths above water long enough.

How To Tell If Someone Is Drowning

If someone is drowning, you will find that they are rapidly moving up and down in the water, and may be reaching up as if they need help. If you see someone floundering, they are most likely in trouble. A pattern of erratic movement usually means that something is wrong in the water.

Once you notice that someone is in trouble in the water, it is important to overcome the pressure and not allow yourself to become rooted in place. A person drowning will usually have less than a minute above water before they fall under the surface entirely, at which point rescue becomes unlikely.

How To Save Drowning Person

If you are looking to save someone's life, do not be hasty in your decisions, you must remain calm and collected, but you must also think fast. Assess the situation before considering the best way to help them, as no two drowning scenarios are the same, and different situations will require different actions and solutions.

The first thing that you will want to do in any situation is to call out for help. You will find that it is imperative to get aid for the drowning swimmer as quickly as possible. If you can, ask someone else to call emergency services while you take action, the sooner they arrive, the greater the chance of the victim surviving.

How To Tell If Someone Is Drowning

The next thing you will have to do is examine your surroundings for anything you can use to save the person who is drowning. Look around for a rescue flotation device like a ring buoy or a torpedo buoy. Both of these devices are designed to be used to save a drowning person.

The difference between these two devices lies in their shape and weight. While ring buoys tend to be heavier and shaped like a donut, you will find that torpedo buoys feature a hydrodynamic shape which is more tubular, they are lighter, and they feature handles.

If you find anything, such as a rescue buoy or a life vest, toss it out to the person who is drowning. If you are using a ring buoy or a torpedo buoy, wait until the drowning victim grabs onto it and then start pulling on the attached rope to bring the drowning person back to shore.

Should You Swim To Them

One of the most important questions we are often asked when it comes to saving drowning people is whether or not you should swim out to them, and if you must, in which scenarios you should do so. You will find that swimming out to a drowning person is a dangerous proposition, even if you are a proficient swimmer.

Drowning victim

The only time that you should swim out to a drowning person is when you do not have access to any equipment which can be used to save their life, like a rescue buoy or if they are too far out. If someone is too far from the shore to be thrown a buoy, you will have to bring it out to them.

Before you consider swimming out to a drowning person, you must be confident in your swimming abilities. If you are a weak swimmer and you attempt to do so, you may end up getting dragged down with them.

If you feel that you can do so, swim out to the drowning victim with a rescue buoy, if possible. When you get near them, toss the buoy over. At this point, whether or not you had a buoy, you will want to grab the drowning person under the arms and start to swim back to shore using your legs.

Ensure that the drowning person cannot grab onto you, as they may drag you both down. If this occurs, you will want to swim downwards or push them off of you, as you may both drown.


As you can see, there is no single way to save a drowning person, as it heavily depends on the situation. If you are looking to ensure that you can save someone who is drowning, you will have to prepare yourself for every possible eventuality.

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