Stohlquist Infant/Toddler Nemo Life Jacket Review

Stohlquist Infant/Toddler Nemo Life Jacket Review

You will find that life jackets are integral to ensuring the safety of their users, in particular for those who are not used to swimming. A life jacket can end up saving your life, so you will always want to ensure that you get the best model possible. Today, we are going to be looking at one of the best infant life jackets that you will find.

Before we get to our review, however, we will be taking a look at some of the things you should consider before making your life jacket purchase. For example, the size of your life jacket will be critical to consider when you are deciding who you should purchase it for.

Stohlquist Unisex Infant/Toddler Nemo Infant Life Jacket/Personal Floatation Device


A life jacket will be tough to use if it does not fit the intended user correctly. If a life jacket doesn't fit, you will find that it will slip off of you and float on its own, instead of holding your head above the water like it is supposed to. A properly-sized model of life jacket is integral to ensuring your safety.

It is for this reason that life jackets are manufactured in two main sizes: children's sizes and adults' sizes. Children's life jackets will necessarily be smaller, so they can fit them more easily and have less of a chance of slipping off of them. Adult life jackets will be larger and heftier, as they are made for adults and teenagers.

The life jacket we will be looking at today is a children's model. More specifically, it is made for infants and young toddlers, to ensure that they are safe during water-based activities. For example, you may want to take your young one out with you to go boating, but still, rest assured that they will remain safe.

We will now take a look at two characteristics which are important to consider before making your new life vest purchase.


The level of buoyancy of your life jacket is the most important thing to consider when you are making your purchase, and it depends on the design of the life vest and the materials used to make it. Certain materials are more buoyant than others, but they may be less convenient in other ways or more expensive.

Stohlquist Unisex Infant/Toddler Nemo Infant Life Jacket/Personal Floatation Device


Some life vests are designed to keep your head and neck above the waves, while others will keep much of your upper body above the waves as well. This depends on where the life vest is positioned on your body and the age group that it is designed for, as younger children will be kept higher up in the water.

Points Of Attachment

Another aspect to consider when making your life vest purchase is the positioning and number of the attachment points on the life jacket. More attachment points means that there will be a more snug fit and less of a chance for the life vest to end up sliding off of you while you are in the water.

You should also consider the types of attachment points which are used in the construction of your new life vest. Many vests make use of clasps to ensure that the vest remains on your body while you wear it. Most of these clasps are friction buckles which can be tightened according to your needs.

About The Product

This life jacket, which is made by Stohlquist, is one of the best models that we have seen available for children in this age range. You can rest assured that your child will be safe when they are wearing this particular model.


  • Features a buckle and a zipper for proper fit
  • Available in a choice of two colors: yellow with blue, and blue with black
  • Features a handle which you can grab
  • This vest is a type II portable flotation device
  • Features a buoyancy of 7 pounds at sea level
  • Design ensures that the wearer will always face up
  • Features support collars around the neck


There are many features which contribute to making this one of the best life jacket models for small children around. For example, the carry handle, which is designed to be grabbed quickly by a parent, features flotation beads to ensure that it is always at the surface of the water.

Stohlquist Unisex Infant/Toddler Nemo Infant Life Jacket/Personal Floatation Device

The dual support collars around your child's head and neck ensure that their head will remain above water and this life vest's style guarantees that your child will always face upwards. The zipper and buckle combination makes it very easy to fit this model to your young one.

You can even opt for a choice of colors, one of the options is blue and black, and the other is yellow and blue for added visibility. This life vest is highly buoyant, which ensures that your child will stay above the waves as long as this vest is worn correctly.

What Others Say

Many customers were impressed by the inclusion of the carry handle which will always float above the rest of the life jacket. It makes it very easy to maneuver your child around, and it can even be used for fun in the pool.

There was only one issue that drew a lot of attention when it comes to this life vest model, but it is not too serious, and it is common to many vests with zippers. Apparently, some children will find this vest uncomfortable because the zipper chafes against their skin.

Buying Advice

For this flotation device’s quality, you will find that the price point is surprisingly low. It is available from sporting goods stores and Amazon for around 50 dollars, which is more affordable than some inferior life vest models.


If you are looking for a todd​looking for a toddler life vest​​​ler life vest that is more effective than most of the other models you will come across, look no further than this product from Stohlquist. It provides superior protection and value for money than most of the competition.

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