Stohlquist Women’s Betsea Personal Flotation Device Review

Stohlquist Women’s Betsea Personal Flotation Device Review

Women don’t have it as easy as men when it comes to wearing generic life vests. Unfortunately, most are just too bulky or large for a woman’s body.

This problem created a large surge in the market for women’s life jackets. Now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different brands out there making women’s life vests.

With all these options out there, it's hard to know which vest is right for you. For starters, make sure your life vest is Coast Guard certified. If it is, then you can trust that it will be at least buoyant enough to keep you afloat.

You will most likely be looking for a Type III Coast Guard certified life jacket. But if you are fishing or doing some other more specific type of aquatic activity, you may need a Type V. A Type III is your typical foam or nylon strapped in vest that you see on most boats today. A type V is a much different type of life jacket that you will only need if you already know what you are searching for.

Today we will be discussing the Stohlquist Women’s Betsea Personal Flotation Device. In our opinion, it is one of the best life jackets for women for the price. Let’s take a closer look at the product.

Product Description

The Stohlquist Betsea is a type III coast guard certified life jacket. It is fully made of nylon, with no neoprene at all.

There is a front zipper closure and two large side pockets with zippers as well. The medium is 6” high and 17” wide. The large is 3 inches wider, while the plus size is an inch taller and just 1 inch wider.

Blue stohlquist women life vest

You can purchase the Stohlquist in one of 4 color options:

  • Pink/Black - The Pink/Black is mostly black with pink on the top. The back is half black and half pink as well. The zippers and inside are all black.
  • Powder Blue/Grey -The Powder Blue/Grey is mostly a lightly powdered blue. There is some gray on the top of the front, and that back is blue and gray. The zippers are black.
  • Sage/Sand - The Sage/Sand is essentially green. It’s less of a lime green and more of a light earth green. The top is a very light green that is almost sand colored.
  • Sage - Sage is almost the same as Sage/Sand. The difference is that The green is a little brighter.
  • Powder Blue -The powder blue is almost the same as the powder blue/gray. The difference is that there is less gray and the blue is a little more faded.

The Stohlquist comes with an ergonomic rapture shaped torso that is designed to sit comfortable around your top. You hand wash this life vest with soap and water when you need to clean it.

It carries a feminine fitting with princess seams on both sides. There are hand warmer pockets which are lined with plush that you can access at any time. Its buoyancy at sea level is 16 pounds.

Product Review

The Stohlquist has a great rating on Amazon. All in all, this is a great product.

Stohlquist blue women life vest.

It fits great around your torso and is very accepting of curves. The plus size option is also great for us larger ladies. It is one of the few personal flotation devices that is supportive of larger chests.

It does add some extra layers to your chest so it does stick out more than you may want, but in the end, any life jacket will do that to women with large breasts.

The adjustable shoulder straps are extremely helpful and allow you to fine tune the entire vest to maximum comfort. It’s conveniently short on your body so you can sit comfortably while wearing the vest.

It's very easy to move in, and you will find a great range of motion. It's great for taking a ride on the Jetski, especially since you can attach the key to the jacket. It's also great for rafting, kayaking, and paddling.

All in all the jacket looks super cute. We love the black and pink. It's not too much pink, and the black makes it look less thick than it is. This jacket will last you several years as long as you don't let it stay soaked and you wash it now and then.

I would be careful when using the zipper; there is a chance that it gets stuck on the nylon which makes unzipping difficult.

Buying Guide

In most retail stores you will find the Stohlquist for around the 140 dollar price range. That’s the price you will find it online at REI or Sports Authority. We suggest you head to Amazon where you can find the Stohlquist for much cheaper. In fact, you will find it just under 100 dollars. It's an amazing discount that we haven't found anywhere else.

Make sure you use the sizing guide and pick the right size life vest. A life vest should be comfortable yet snug. If it’s too loose, you may lose some of the buoyancy support. If it’s too tight, you won’t be able to have the mobility you always wanted.

In the end, it's a great product, and if you want a comfortable, stylish life vest that gives you all the mobility, you will need, go with the Stohlquist.


The Stohlquist Women’s Betsea Personal Flotation Device is one of the best life jackets on the market for women. For starters, it has a great set of color choices to choose from. The colors are great, and it fits great around your torso.

If you do water sports, this is a great jacket. But even if you just need a vest for the boat, this is a great life vest. So what are you waiting for? Head to Amazon today and pick up a Stohlquist life jacket today.


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