Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket Review

Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket Review

There’s nowhere we’d rather be than enjoying the weekend with our four-legged friends, but in the past, we’ve been hesitant to bring them onto the water with us. Whether you hit the lake with your jet ski or go out for a spot of fishing in your boat in your spare time, you might have hesitated about taking your dog alone for fear that they could fall or jump in the water and be gone forever.

Thankfully, it’s never been easier to accommodate for our favorite pets than it is in this day and age, and there are all kinds of accessories and gadgets now available that let us bring them into our lives in more ways than before. For the water enthusiast who was missing their beloved dog on all of their outings, your prayers have now been answered with the latest device made for pets.

Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket

Dog life jackets are an innovative product that lets you take your dog with you on the water, whether you want them to ride along on your jet ski or come out for a day of fishing. They’re comfortable, safe, and will keep your dog protected so that they can be by your side while you have fun on the water doing what you love most.

The Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket is a fully adjustable preserver that fits on your dog so that they don’t have to miss out any longer. For those who like to spend their weekends on the water and want their dogs to come along without fearing for their safety, this is one animal accessory that you just shouldn’t be without.

The Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket

Vivaglory is a trusted name in pet accessories, and for years they’ve been making products that keep your dog comfortable, happy, and safe, all while doing it in style. The Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket is their most popular product and it has helped thousands of dogs get out onto the water so they can enjoy life with their family.

This is a one of a kind dog life jacket that comes in all different sizes from extra small to extra large, so it’s suitable for almost every breed of dog imaginable. Not only are their many different sizes, but they also come in bright and beautiful colors like pink, green, and yellow, so your pet can look stylish but be highly visible when you need to see them most.

Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket yellow

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your four-legged friend with you on your weekend adventures, the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket could be exactly what you were searching for. This quality jacket for your dog comes with the following features:

  • Six vibrant different colors to choose from and reflective ;
  • Sizes ranging from XS to XL and a handy chart to help measure your dog;
  • Top grab handle for easy rescues;
  • D ring for you to attach a leash;
  • Quick release buckles and adjustable nylon straps;
  • Extra buoyancy on the jacket to keep your dog afloat;

Vivaglory have every design feature covered with this dog life jacket, and it offers the perfect blend of style and comfort for your dog. The vest is easy to get in and out of, so even if you’re in a rush you won’t have any problem operating at all. If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your dog protected from the water without making a fuss, this is the best choice for you.

Pros And Cons Of The Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket

Those who have been looking around for a dog life jacket will probably know already just how hard it can be finding the right size to suit your dog’s breed.

Most come in a standard size which just doesn’t work for everyone, but Vivaglory has one of the biggest ranges available to fit all breeds of dog. As an added bonus, it comes with an adjustable strap and Velcro fastening so your dog will feel safe and secure no matter their size.

Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket pic

Some users have found the jacket to be a little bulky on their dog, so it really depends on what activities you have planned for them while they work it. Each breed may find that it fits different, but you’re able to return and swap it for another size if you don’t think it’s a good fit.

This life jacket offers 50% more padding and buoyancy than you’ll find on other pet life vests so you can feel confident that it will keep them afloat while in the water. However, many of the online reviews stated that the never tested this buoyancy, so it can be hard to know how well it would work.

Where To Buy Your Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket

If you’re looking for the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket at the best price and want it in time for the weekend, the best place to purchase it is on Amazon.

You can currently get the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket sent to your door with free shipping if you’re a member of Amazon Prime and it will take just two days to arrive, otherwise, a small fee will be charged for non-Prime members. The jacket itself costs just over $15 which is exceptional value considering how quality its craftsmanship is.

When compared to other animal life jackets that are this affordable, you won’t be able to get better customers service than you will with Vivaglory. They offer 24/7 customer support regarding their products, and they also have a 90-day full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your dog’s new life vest.

Final Thoughts

To put your trust in a reputable brand that you know will keep your dog safe in the water, the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket is an essential purchase. This dog jacket not only looks great but it will deliver on its promises to keep your dog afloat and comfortable should the situation ever arise. To get the Vivaglory Dog Life Jacket for your best friend, click here to purchase.

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Miranda says July 12, 2018

I can find the XL dog vests anywhere.

    James says July 13, 2018

    Hi Miranda – you should be able to get an XL Vivaglory life vest for your dog here on amazon, hope you find one you want!

Shawn says July 18, 2018

Damn dog ate/broke 1 of the underbody plastic buckles. Are there replacements available ?

    James says July 18, 2018

    Hi Shawn – sorry to hear that! I haven’t seen replacement buckles available so I’d suggest contacting Vivaglory directly which you can do through Amazon here. Fingers crossed they can help!

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